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Deutsche Sees 48% of All US Mortgages Underwater in 2011

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Deutsche Bank analysts Karen Weaver and Ying Shen said home price declines will have the biggest impact on prime conforming loans, which make up roughly two-thirds of all mortgages. Of these types of loans , 41 percent will be upside down by the first quarter of 2011, up from 16 percent at the end of the first quarter of 2009.

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Almost half of U.S. homeowners with a mortgage are likely to owe more than their properties are worth before the housing recession ends, Deutsche Bank AG said. The percentage of "underwater" loans may rise to 48 percent, or 25 million homes, as prices drop through the first quarter of 2011, Karen Weaver and Ying Shen, analysts in New York at Deutsche Bank, wrote in a report today.

The percentage of U.S. homeowners that owe more than their house is worth will nearly double to 48 percent in 2011 from 26 percent at the end of March as home prices continue to fall, Deutsche.

For all mortgages, the estimate is 48%. A comparison of current data to the Deutsche Bank estimates is shown in the following table: Many mortgages that are underwater do not result in defaults.

-90% of borrowers in seven real estate markets (including Las Vegas, Miami and others) will be underwater by 2011-28% of all US homeowners with a mortgage will owe more than 125% of their property’s value by 2011-home prices are set to decline another 14%-69% of subprime loans will be underwater by 2011 Deutsche Bank believes that default levels will continue to ramp higher while people continue to deal with a litany of different issues.

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Housing Bubble 2.0: Mortgage Delinquencies Jump Most in 10 Years, Sales Fall Again 48% of all mortgages could have negative equity, being a debt greater than the underlying house is worth, by 2011, says Deutsche Bank. Someone please tell Brooklyn.

Clear Capital: Momentum continues to build for housing recovery home prices rose by 1.7 percent in June from the previous quarter and a year ago, and growth is expected to continue into the second half of the year at a rate of 2.5 percent, Clear Capital reported.

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