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Fannie Mae names winner of second Community Impact Pool of NPLs

marking its second sale of 2016. The first sale of the year was listed for a whopping $1.6 billion in January. The NPLs are currently serviced by JPMorgan Chase Bank and are offered as one pool. Bids.

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Lenders profited from the misery of homeowners who lost their jobs and couldn’t keep up with the first and second mortgages they pursued to. or ripping off Fannie Mae on the side, Nash eventually.

MTGLQ Investors LP is the winning bidder on a pool of non-performing mortgage loans (NPLs) recently auctioned by Fannie Mae. The sale includes approximately. The cover bid, which is the second.

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The winning bidder for two of those pools, representing 2068 loans that carry an. of one of Wall Street's biggest names among the winning bidders.. Last week, a partnership of “local elected officials and community. foreclosure while reducing the impact of these loans for Fannie Mae and the taxpayers.

Fannie Mae today announced its second sale. and the Community Impact Pool of approximately 75 loans, focused in the Tampa, Florida-area, totaling $11 million in UPB are available for purchase by.

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Fannie Mae Announces Winner of Fifteenth Community Impact Pool of. bidder for its fifteenth Community Impact Pool of non-performing loans.. The cover bid, which is the second highest bid, for the Community Impact Pool was 73.6%.. AT&T Announces the Name of Its New Streaming Service (and It's.

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Fannie. Mae announced plans to jettison $1.84 billion in non-performing loans, a small portion of which are from its thirteenth Community Impact Pool, a small pool for marginalized or small.

Alan Grayson Discusses Fannie Mae's Use of Derivatives with James Lockhart of the FHFA A nonprofit financial institution won the bid for Fannie Mae’s sixth Community Impact Pool of non-performing loans. This deal on nearly $26 million in NPLs is expected to close near the end of May..