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Fed official hints at second round of quantitative easing

 · With a second round of "quantitative easing" underway, the U.S. Federal Reserve wants us to believe that it is doing its duty as the nation’s central bank – promoting maximum employment, keeping.

The second and third rounds of quantitative easing (dubbed qe2 and QE3, respectively) aimed to lower short- and longer-term yields. The goal was to make it cheaper to borrow for consumption and investment. On the other hand, the December liftoff was intended to push up interest rates. The official announcements of these policy actions occurred in the FOMC statement, but most were hinted at well.

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 · U.S. unemployment remains "painfully high" while inflation is not an immediate concern, giving the Federal Reserve plenty of reason to launch a new stimulus last month, a top Fed official.

We have largely supported the Fed’s efforts to keep financial markets from imploding. But we believe the central bank’s recent hints that it will begin a second round of quantitative easing – dubbed ..

A third round. Fed official in 2010 to call for a second round of asset purchases. He published a paper in 2010 entitled Seven Faces of the Peril, which called on the Fed to avert deflation by.

Mervyn King hints at fresh round of quantitative easing (UK) Bank of england governor mervyn king signalled tonight that he was closer to embarking on a second round of quantitative easing after he said there was a strong case for pumping funds into the economy to spur growth and prevent inflation falling below its 2% target.

Dollar prices to Buy Gold set a new all-time intraday high wednesday lunchtime in London at $1577.73 per ounce – a fraction above May’s previous record – having soared overnight after publication of Federal Reserve minutes hinting at a third round of quantitative easing. silver prices meantime rose to $37 per ounce – still 25% of its April peak – while stocks and commodities were flat.

LOUIS, June 30 (Reuters) – The U.S. Federal Reserve should be prepared to act to support the economic recovery again if growth disappoints, a top official said on. who had opposed the Fed’s second.

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 · Euro Strengthens After Fed Hints at New Stimulus.. which almost to pre commit to the Fed to another round of quantitative easing more money.

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