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RealtyTrac: 20% of foreclosures remain vacant after owner departs

Source: "RealtyTrac: 20% of Foreclosures Remain Vacant After Owner Departs," HousingWire (June 20, 2013) A very good article and more pictures of what some people do when they leave their home due to foreclosure click here Please help to keep this blog going Let us Sell or help you buy your new home or land. John J. O’Dell Realtor GRI

CFPB: Changes to TRID coming soon CFPB: Changes to TRID Coming Soon In a huge win for the industry, the consumer financial protection Bureau is taking another look at the Know Before You Owe Rule, answering calls to make official a lot of the informal guidance given by the bureau.

“You know what they say; don’t wait to buy real estate; buy real estate and wait,” he says, remembering his enthusiasm for a home purchase after. The Web site RealtyTrac has become the go-to source.

Pre-foreclosure: These homes are in the foreclosure process, but they have yet to be sent to auction. Owners are typically trying to unload them because they are "underwater," owing more on the homes than they are worth. As a result, potential buyers must negotiate a deal with the lender as well as the owner.

The best college towns to buy real estate in SIGTARP: Taxpayers still exposed as AIG shrinks CDS portfolio financial business, which continues outside the bank. Taxpayers still on the hook for billions of dollars for their TARP investment in AIG deserve to have strong regulation of AIG, whether AIG keeps or sells the bank. Taxpayers need to be protected against the potential impact of any future AIG financial distressThe 5 Best College Towns for Real Estate Investors | Think Realty – Most investors think of college towns as good places for real estate investments because they tend to have relatively affordable housing, a steady stream of potential tenants and buyers, and are somewhat recession-resistant. However, as CNBC Money reporter Sarah Berger put it, "Some college towns make for much savvier investments than others."

Florida also accounted for the most vacant foreclosure by zip code- 85 of the top 100 nationally, led by zip code 34668 in the Tampa/St. Petersburg metro area. Indiana, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, and Georgia are states where the percentage of owner vacated foreclosures was above the national average of 20%.

 Bank Owned Homes - What You Need to Know Before Buying a Bank Owned Property Foreclosures move faster, but properties may be in bad shape, neglected or even deliberately damaged by their owners. About 20% are abandoned-so-called "zombies," says Daren Blomquist of foreclosure data firm RealtyTrac. But these vacant homes close quickly, since banks have already taken care of any outstanding liens and set a price.

RealtyTrac: 20% of foreclosures remain vacant after owner departs florida foreclosures are still making the record books: a new report from RealtyTrac reveals that the State of Florida has more than FIVE times the number of vacant foreclosure homes than the next 5 states if you added all those states’ vacant home totals together. Florida has.

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In more "great" news items is news like the kind that is issued by market researcher RealtyTrac. applies primarily to communities where foreclosure activity is high, and will hopefully accelerate.

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