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The best college towns to buy real estate in

The best college towns to buy real estate in | 2013-08-13. – According to HomeFinder, the best college town to invest in real estate for real estate purposes is Baltimore, Md., which has at least four nearby colleges feeding the city. The list also includes.

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Learn how to buy investment property in college towns – Buying college town real estate can lead to big payoffs. As a real estate investor, college towns may scare you. You might think, "transient party centers for young adults." But savvy property investors buy in areas around universities. Why? There are lots of great reasons. Here’s why you should consider buying a rental property near a.

College Towns: The Best Places to Buy Investment Property. – College towns are among the best places to buy investment property for a multitude of reasons. And while there are some downsides to investing in college towns, the advantages that they bring to any real estate investor far outweigh the disadvantages, keeping college towns as a runner up among the best places to buy investment property.

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The Top 10 College Towns Where Recent Grads Should Stick. – The Best affordable college towns for Recent Grads-and Everyone Else. says Mark Greenfield, a local real estate agent at Re/Max Real Estate Center.. Right out of the gate, it can be challenging to buy a home, however.

The best (and worst) college towns to invest in real estate – "College towns with affordable housing and low cost of living were more appealing than cities with high real estate costs, like New York and Boston, where you’ll face competitive markets." Overall, found that within the top 20 college areas that produced the highest yields, Texas had the most cities, five to be exact, cracking the list.

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The 5 Best College Towns for Real Estate Investors | Think Realty – Most investors think of college towns as good places for real estate investments because they tend to have relatively affordable housing, a steady stream of potential tenants and buyers, and are somewhat recession-resistant. However, as CNBC Money reporter Sarah Berger put it, "Some college towns make for much savvier investments than others."

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Hot College Towns to Buy Real Estate By Camille Salama on 8. In order to help determine which college towns are prime for home buying we looked at each town’s breakeven horizon – the amount of time it takes for buying a home to become more financially advantageous than renting the same.

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