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Are landlords responsible for pot-growing renters?

What is my landlord’s responsibility for flood damage? question details: Our landlord states he is not responsible for replacing person belongings when the apartment floods from rain. We are on the ground floor and drainage in the complex is very bad. He says it is not his fault that the apartments flood and he is not responsible for any damages inside or outside on the patios.

Oregon state law says a landlord is responsible for making sure units are in “habitable condition,” which means water- and weather-proofing roofs and exterior walls. That means landlords are.

Ultimately the landlord is responsible. Property owners are expected to create a safe living environment for their tenants and if they fail to do so out of negligence, they can be held liable. The property has rules of conduct as established by the terms of your lease. Anyone who is in violation of those rules can be evicted.

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From a negotiation standpoint, all the costs for the buildings are actually paid by the tenant. The airport is responsible.

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Landlords, property owners and rental companies may restrict cannabis use, cultivation and/or smoke in their tenancy agreements. Likewise, condominium.

Landlords are not automatically liable for all injuries tenants suffer at their rentals. In general, landlords are responsible for tenants' injuries only when the.

How Stephanie Smith Unexpectedly Became a Cannabis Landlord. for processing, manufacturing and extraction, not just indoor cultivation.. that professional landlord and holding tenants responsible for things. When she first started dealing with cannabis tenants, Smith thought she was the only one.

Marijuana and Rental Properties: What Landlords and Property Managers Should Know. The move to legalize marijuana is gaining ground across the country, with more and more states approving its use. Find out what this means to you as a property owner or landlord.

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As long as the tenant didn’t introduce the bed bugs, the landlord is usually responsible for extermination. Most states require landlords to provide habitable housing, and most courts don’t consider bed bug infested units to be habitable.

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Landlords are legally required to perform certain activities. While the actions they are responsible for will vary based on the state in which the rental property is located, there are certain basic obligations every landlord has.

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