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Key MERS legal employees turn away from company

Sharon Horstkamp serves as senior vice president, Chief Legal and Legislative Officer, and Corporate Secretary for MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. Sharon has been with the company since 1997 and has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to defending the companies against litigation threats, with repeated success.

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Handbooks also let employees know who they can turn to with. and accessible company information to their employees, but also protect themselves from potential legal issues. Q: When creating an.

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For example, they’re a way an owner can remain with the company while taking money out of it. And it’s a way to reward employees and provide a long-term incentive for loyalty and hard work. Here’s how it works: The company sets up an independent trust (the ESOP) that buys the owner’s stock at a price set by an independent evaluator.

Can an Employer LEGALLY?!?! take your cell phone or personal property away from you? At my job they are starting a new rule that when you clock in you have to give a manager your cell phone and you are not allowed to have it back until you clock out. or they have to witness you leave it in your car.

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For instance, a company recently turned in a former employee to the. Stay in the loop! Get breaking news and big stories on your desktop. Here are 10 perfectly legal and new ways your employer.

Former key employee A former key employee is an employee who is currently a non-key employee but who was a key employee in any prior plan year. The distinction between former key employee and non-key employee is important for an accurate top heavy determination. consider the following points when determining an employee’s key status.

Key MERS legal employees turn away from company. Company now under federal scrutiny.. the once under-the-radar company is back in the spotlight as a handful of executive-level employees leave.

Despite the legal and practical reasons to keep employee records private, there are times when certain employees will need to access personnel files to do their jobs. Employees may also want to view their own files, either while still employed or after leaving the company.

Lawmakers move to expand mortgage protection for military Mortgage protection for military homeowners. SCRA is designed to enable servicemembers to devote their full attention to duty and relieve stress on their family members. The proposed law would require that large lending institutions subject to the SCRA make a designated employee responsible for the institution’s compliance with the act,